Agile is our Passion

We Make Success Repeatable

“The Measure of Intelligence is the Ability to Change” – Albert Einstein

Our Passion

Our Passion is to Create Success

Our mission is to provide the out most excellent service to our clients.  What make us certain that we can accomplish that mission at every instance, is the passion and love that we have for what we do.  We prepare and organize for every client encounter, whether it is a training or a consulting related meeting, with the outmost care for their needs and we thrive to deliver every time.

All of our training sessions are also conducted with the care and attention to the needs of the individuals and the organization.  We ensure that all who attend, know and understand fundamentals of Agile and Leadership, as well as getting the necessary tools and directions that can help them achieve the best results possible for their teams and organization.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

-Tony Robbins

Our Services

Coaching and consulting

Every organization is comprised of a different and uniq structure.  Company culture, products, services, locations and market performance are just a few different indicators to mention.  In order for an organization to achieve Agility, they need to conform to an Agile Solution which is solely and only tailored for them.  Our coaching methodology identified areas which an organization needs to work on an enhance.  These areas, could range from Roles and Responsibilities, Team Dynamics, Product Delivery Methodologies, Leadership to communication between teams and departments and overall company roadmap and culture.  We believe achieving Agility is a commitment that the entire company needs to be conscious of and commit to.

We thrive and love to help you achieve that maximum Agility which you have envisioned and want to arrive at.  We Love doing this and are alway ready to help.


As we help put together a Functional Agile model for your organization and define the roles and responsibilities and expectations necessary to help you achieve that ultimate model, we can assist in recruiting the right person and people as well.   Knowing the dynamic and insights of your culture and organizational goals, gives us a uniq advantage of looking for the right person who can fill in the right role for your organization.  We love that challenge and we consider it as part of our services to help you find that one right person.  

Custom Training

Along with helping you arrive at the solution that can help you be more Agile, comes new process and roles and responsibilities.  We develop and carryout trainings for your entire group, as well as role based trainings.

We specially would focus on the roles of Project Manager, Product Owners and Managers as well as Managers and Leaders in the organization.  Each of these roles can play a very instrumental function in comprising and Agile organization and for the people who are put in these roles, it is important to fully understand what is at stake and how they can perform that role for success.  We love to help them.  Helping them succeed is our success and what we passionately love to do.

Agile Leadership Coaching

In many Agile Transformations, managers and leaders hear the phrase “Autonomous teams”.  At times, this phrase is very misleading due to the fact that not everyone has been told exactly why principles are there and are a helpful characteristics to the cause of Agility.   We want to demystify that.

Leadership is an essential part and commitment to the Agile transformation cause.  We help train and coach the leaders so that they understand and realize their importance in their company’s transformation journey.  We bring them the right case studies and coaches which have been through their journey and are willing and able to help them through.  Our passion and love is to help them realize their greater potential in leading their teams and company.


Agile Coaching

To ensure that any agile transformation is successful, a certain level of coaching a consulting is necessary.  Through proper active coaching, teams are able to solve issues and problems that arise through practicing the new process and solution that has been developed for their organization.  Our coaches also help the newly defined roles to better understand and concur  the newly developed guidelines that has come their way.   

Furthermore, through proper actives coaching, we help setup the right tools and practices for all roles to better achieve and measure the progress for the teams and organization.  Coaching give the right support to teams and individuals to ensure organizational success and deep understanding of guidelines necessary to help anyone in their newly defined process, roles and responsibilities.

“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”

– John C. Maxwell


Custom Training

Our Training curriculum consists of (but not limited to) four essential areas.  

  • Agile Training  Why Agile?, Why are we doing this? explaining the “Why”

  • Project Management in an Agile Environment  How the role of a Project Manager changes in an Agile Environment? and the “Why?”
  • Product Management and Product Owner in an Agile Environment  How does the role of a Product Manager change? How does the Role a Product Owner change?  How are they different? How are they related? and the “Why?”
  • Leadership and Management in an Agile Environment  How does the role of a Leader / Manager change in an Agile Transformation
  • Kanban Certification Training  A deep view in to Kanban and how Kanban systems can help organization’s agility and performance

We train because we care and because this is our passion.  We do have a commitment to your cause and your goals . We love doing this and we aim to deliver value at each instance and session.  


“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

-Tony Robbins


Finding the Right People for the Right Role

Staffing and hiring the right individual is one of the key essentials of any Agile model.  As Agile companies invest in collaborative and transparent model of development, having the right individuals in the right roles is a must.  Hiring the wrong person, for the right role, could be a very costly mistake.

We want to be there with you as you to through this exercise and help and assist you in making the right decision with minimum amount of risk to your process, culture and organization.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

-Jim Collins



Mohsen Ghazizadeh is an Agile coach and an information technology business professional with over twenty years of experience.  His passion and primary focus is helping organizations and business professionals streamline their process and execution models.  Mohsen is an Agilist at heart – passionate about Agile and its different flavors and methodologies.  He has the uncanny ability to develop unique solutions which work by effectively enhancing the organization’s process and facilitate their goals in a timely and efficient manner.   With his extensive background in software development, e-commerce, and business development & operations, he has the proven ability to observe and visualize the broad perspective of an organization, both from the organization’s standpoint and human factor – allowing him to develop success driven solutions and which aid in achieving maximum results for the organization.

Mohsen started as a software developer working in the Big 5 consulting firm, and worked to climb the corporate ladder.  He later transitioned into consulting within the financial sector, by working with Bank of America.  His first encounter with Agile methodologies came as he worked toward providing a faster, more effective, and economical process of developing software.  He first implemented an Agile model in 2005 and has since helped many teams and organizations develop successful transitions to various flavors of the Agile Development Framework.


 Mohsen founded a merchandise trading company which utilized mobile application platform as well as e-commerce to facilitate the trade of goods and stressed inventories among small businesses.  His experience in this unique venture as well as earning an MBA gives him a unique ability to better assess and observe processes that are in place and in turn recommend and formulate usable and effective solutions for the organizations.

Mohsen hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Utah and an MBA from Corllins University.  His other passions are soccer and skiing and he teaches a weekly class on spiritual lessons from the Persian Poet Rumi.